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Rohingya Crisis

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed OBE, Founder & First Chairman NRB Bank Ltd, Chairman & CEO of Seamark Group and founder of The Iqbal Bros Foundation, recently visited Rohingya to lend a hand to the refugee crisis

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Campaign: Vision | Free Cataract Operation, Sylhet | December 2019






Iqbal Bros Foundation organised a two day charitable event at Iqbal Ahmed

OBE's childhood village in West Shiraj Nagar, where there are is high poverty 

and a shortage of medical resources.


IBF focused on providing eye treatment in the under developed area of Sylhet, Bangladesh, providing free eye treatment, medicine and glasses.

Approximately 1200 people had their eyes treated with 120 people having successful cataract operations. At the same time IBF kindly donated winter blankets to the needy. The people were very happy and overwhelmed.

We are very proud in successfully completing this mission and like to thank all those involved, especially to the volunteers from Burunga Iqbal Ahmed High School.

The Iqbal Bros Foundation is a registered, non-profit, 

international relief and development charity focusing on Healthcare, Sanitation & Education.

We believe we all have a responsibility to help alleviate the pain of those suffering without basic healthcare, education and sanitation. We aim to raise funds to deliver short and most importantly long term relief and education to those affected.

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