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Campaign: Vision

December 2019

Sylhet, Bangladesh

Campaign Rohingya Reception 23 July 2018

Campaign Rohingya Reception 

23rd July 2018

House of Commons

Campaign: Vision, Sylhet | "Bangladesh"

December 2019


Iqbal Bros Foundation organised a two day charitable event at Iqbal Ahmed

OBE's childhood village in West Shiraj Nagar, where there are is high poverty 

and a shortage of medical resources.


IBF focused on providing eye treatment in the under developed area of Sylhet, Bangladesh, providing free eye treatment, medicine and glasses.

Approximately 1200 people had their eyes treated with 120 people having successful cataract operations. At the same time IBF kindly donated winter blankets to the needy. The people were very happy and overwhelmed.

We are very proud in successfully completing this mission and like to thank all those involved, especially to the volunteers from Burunga Iqbal Ahmed High School.

Campaign Rohingya:

Awareness Event at House of Commons

On 23rd July 2018, The Iqbal Bros Foundation called upon MPs, journalists, business leaders and social activists to drum up support for the Rohingya Refugees.


The event was introduced by Rita Payne and attendees at the Terrace Pavilion watched a video of the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. There were emotive and passionate speeches from Lord Nazir Ahmed, Andrew Stephenson MP, Major General Mohammed Ashab Uddin, Lutfey Siddiqi, Paul Scully MP and Afzal Khan MP, as well as from Iqbal Ahmed OBE, Chair of The Iqbal Bros Foundation.


Mr Ahmed, who has visited the refugee camps three times, said in his speech:


“Every time I go it makes me feel sad, sick. It also makes me appreciate how comfortable our lives are here in the UK. Last time we went, we distributed 7 trucks of food, yet this is not enough. They need medicine, fresh water, clothes and roofs over their heads. The shelters I went in were four to four and half feet high. The walls made of clay – with no windows – and polythene on top. The ground space was approximately eight feet by twelve feet and one of these would house around fifteen to twenty people. The army build them so low to protect from the adverse weather conditions, but in the heavy rain and wind, like they are having now, many of the shelters could easily be destroyed by landslides.”


He has encouraged other organisations to help the Rohingya refugees, including the Rafay Mussarat Foundation, who visited the camps alongside the Iqbal Bros Foundation. In a plea for support from the guests at the event, he stated:


“These are innocent people. They have not fought for anything. They have no demands, nothing. All they want is to go back. They want to live like humans. Our aim is to raise awareness among the British people. These people need help - desperate help.”

The Iqbal Bros Foundation took seven trucks of food over to the refugee camps in May this year. They are currently planning their next trip. You can help them by visiting or emailing

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